A Mage And A Demon

((A JP by LSP and Thaen))

Aldous walked through the manor’s stately halls, activating magical defences all along the main foyer. Putting on a welcoming face, he swung open the door to see Enanth standing there. “I am sorry, but the lady of the house is indisposed at the moment. I do ask that you give her appropriate time to grieve.” Then his brow furrowed and his ruby eyes widened in recognition. “Master Enanth! The young miss did not tell me you were at the funeral…”

Enanth looked upon the tiefling with a look of abhorrent concern. He reached forward to grasp the old acquaintance. “Funeral? My dear Master Aldous, what ill news have I come to hear?”

Aldous frowned even deeper as he grasped the mage within the threshold. “You do not know?” he asked simply. Enanth shook his head and gave a pained expression. He spoke deeply in lost tones, “He is gone. It is of great regret I had not known sooner. Come, Aldous! What hast thou known?”


Aldous had brought him into the main foyer and the mage listened to the tale of what had been apparent in events with a grave stare into the fireplace, a long pipe lighting with a bluish smoke as the tale was told of happenings of the house in between the puffs hobbit leaf. The fire he conjured at the touch of the red ruby upon the mantle danced in the foyer and casted shadows long upon the walls and corners. His gnarled staff leaned against the mantle. Aldous was quick to hit Enanth with a verbal quip, rousing him from dark thoughts. He breathed deeply and turned around to give a familiar gentle smile to the red-skinned lady’s man before him.

“Oh so quick to see if I am willing to flight,” he said fondly. “But I find myself troubled, sincerely Master Aldous. Umeffaeh was more than my dearest friend. But I am afraid his passing in these troubled times is more than a loss upon yours and mine heart. There is no one to trust…” He trailed off with a look down the hall. Then two thoughts occurred to him. He looked to the man once more. “We both know each other well, Aldous. But mistress? Do you happen…?”

“Do I? Do I have theories, yes, but the young mistress is in mourning.” he said. “Discussing those matters with her can wait. She needs to grieve and not be burying it under rage and blood lust. If I knew for sure who had done it I wouldn’t have been here waiting for her. I’d be making sure someone else was planning a funeral.” Aldous popped the stopper on an old liquor crystal decanter. “If you have questions, I’d attempt an answer but some aspects I fear I must keep from you. You understand.”

Pouring a drink for himself he turned “Though…” he paused taking back the large shot he poured in a gulp. “I might have questions for you. You are a powerful mage after all.”

"Not as powerful as many believe, dear Aldous," he responded humbly. "Certainly not enough to save history. But I wonder if the answers I have align with your questions."

Enanth sat in a chair and steepled his fingers as the hearth popped and snapped. Trouble seemed to not only follow him as Aldous poured another drink. He had known the tiefling almost as long as he had known his friend, knew the look he gave and the tone his voice was at meant something had seriously gone wrong. He waited patiently, as he always did, for the tiefling to begin.

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