From the Shadows

The shadows moved silently, as if given life by the light of day. However Shade used the shadows to his advantage, appearing then disappearing from shadow to shadow. His mission seemed simple: find a book and bring it to his summoner, in one piece. His premature 'death' some fifty odd years ago had him residing with his master, the dreaded Soularous, working as a kind of enforcer for the demon lord's laws.
He was in the middle of watching his old master, Draken Darkward, traveling the land of mortals when he was suddenly summoned there once again. He was faced by a very snobby, yet somehow very formidable woman, speaking to him like he was some kind of lowly beast. She was the head of the so-called High Church of New Sarnia, and she gave him simple but important tasks: retrieve a dangerous old book called the Mortith that was in possession of a human mage by the name of Serveros, who she described as being a reckless and arrogant youth.
Shade finally found his target in Karavoss. He didn't plan on killing the man, he just needed the book. The man with Severos riding the giant black bird looked familiar, like someone who should be long dead. What was his name?Lafayette Le Renard? The red haired fox! The ally of Kalena Valade. Was she here too? He closed his eyes, and smiled. Yes, he could feel it. She was here somewhere nearby in the city. But after all this time, how could that be? What did it mean? What did she know? All these questions ringed in Shade's head.
He almost began to forget his mission and plan his own personal quest to get revenge for his master, and for himself. He was going to make Kalena understand his suffering. However he needed to find that special book, for once he brought it to the summoner, that ruthless woman he was bound to obey, maybe, just maybe, his payment would be the freedom for him to finally take revenge.
Shade slowly descended down to the ground, and walking out from the shadows, he approached Severos, his shadow blades appearing in his hands, ready for use.

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