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Summary: A cruel woman

Lucretia Dais

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Gender: Female

Age: 47

Group: Monsters/Threats


The Nameless


Zataran sorceress and a senior agent of the Nameless elite in Aeran


Lucretia is a dark skinned woman with fizzy brown hair with brown eyes. She stands 5'10" in height and has a mostly average but athletic build. She often wears gold and uses gold makeup. She has several tattoos of magic on her hands and arms.
She often wears the highest quality of fashion in Zatar, unless in combat, where she wears dark clothing with a hood.


Lucretia is a cruel woman who desires power and control. She despises men and inky find company in women, especially Night Elves. She works for the Nameless to achieve her goals of wealth and power. She is incredibly prideful and selfish.

Brief History

Lucretia was born in Zatar, and lived the first few years with he incompetent parents. When she was young, a great mage saw her potential and took her away from her family without effort.
There she was taught by him in the arcane, however she did have a mishap with a wererat, which resulted her to gain a fear of rats and hatred of men. She was saved by the Nameless and founded by her master, a Zataran wizard of some renown. Once her master taught her everything, she slaughtered him, without question, and quickly rose to being a powerful socialite within the city.


She has a magical dagger she rarely uses.


She is a skilled sorceress and has the special gifts of the Nameless which allows her to control her own flesh and alter it at will.


She is deathly afraid of rats.

Her magic can only do so much.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Come here my sweet."

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Image of Lucretia Dais
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