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Summary: The Golden One


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Gender: Male

Age: 6000+

Group: Monsters/Threats


The High Heavens



The Golden One

The Shinning Light


He can vary in size, but he appears as a muscular armoured man with four feathered wings. He wears golden armor, he has white hair and glowing eyes. His skin is a pale color.


Incarius is aggronat, self-righteousness, prideful, and a zealot. He only wants to destory anyone who doesn't follow him and he plans on killing everyone who defies him. He also plans on becoming a god like his nemesis Soularous

Brief History

Incarius was created by the God Tyr. Since their creation Incarius has battled Soularous. However Incarius watched the Gods disappear, his pride took control of him and he began his plan to ascend to Godhood by making a religion in order for him to become a god. Once he becomes a God he plans on destroying the world by fire and remaking it in his image.


The Sun Slicer- A great sword that has the angelic power of the sun

The Sun Armor-His holy armor that protects him from most magics and physical attacks, however demonic magics can harm it.


Incarius is a powerful warrior, skilled in numerous forms of combat, may it be on horse back, may it be against one or many, he is skilled for any combat situation.
He has grwat powerful Angelic magics and the ability to fly that are only rival by Soularous. He can disable any magic expect demonic


Fears Defeat
Demonic power can harm him, however the sword of Blue is the only weapon that can slay him. His pride and arrogance makes him foolish.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I am the Holy Light, I am the Great Flame, I am the Sun!"

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Image of Incarius
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