Image of Queen Bellamy Hofstadt-Okigwe

Summary: The guileful and graceful Queen Bellamy of Aelmere.

Queen Bellamy Hofstadt-Okigwe

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Gender: Female

Age: 52

Group: Lords/Ladies


Born in Varland. Loyal to the Almerian crown and its King.


Queen Consort
Queen Bellamy I


Queen Bellamy is a woman of renowned poise and beauty, though her appearance is also one of wisdom and strength, perfect for a queen. Bellamy is a fair-skinned human female in her early 50s, and while her visage carries experience, she is also surrounded by a somewhat carefree air. Unexpectantly sharp, the Queen often as a smile or smirk upon her face, perhaps due to the glee of knowing just a little more than anyone else in the room. Though aging, Bellamy still bears the body of someone who worked for what they have with their own two hands, as well as the bumps and bruises of someone who's made more than a few mistakes.


Bellamy is by far an interesting individual, a mysterious book seemingly open, but only to a predetermined page. On the outside, the Queen seems like a somewhat keen if not overly idealistic matriarch, her sunny disposition usually in direct contrast to her husband's brooding, however her gleefulness carries with it its own kind of malice, one of great fury to be unleashed upon anyone who would spoil her mood.

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Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"You know what they say, a woman scorned..."

"Its okay, you aren't in trouble."

"I may not know much, but its more than you."

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