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Summary: A young man held back by his many insecurities. Far from a hero.

Camero Adete

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Commoners


Born in Boones Rock within the Timber Crag region. Not overtly loyal to an organization, just decent people.


Counter boy
Broom boy


Camero is a young man of average height and moderately scrawny physique. He has curly dark hair, brown eyes, and a scruff of facial hair on the chin. Being of low class, Camero often wears clothes just suitable enough to be decent, though it is all he can muster most days.


Camero is an unexpectably neurotic young man, a worried or anxious expression often painted on his face. Though Cam seems disturbed a lot of the time, he has a certain disillusioned charisma to him, greatly contrasted by his childlike appearance. Though not usually the one to speak up to injustice, Cam has a history of shooting quite straight with criticisms and observations, though this behavior seems to require extensive motivation. He seems to have strong feelings about certain topics, but very little desire to engage others regarding them. He can suddenly come off as cold or callous, though he may also snap this way at inappropriate times. In spite of these traits, he seems to be able to do his job well enough, and his near-obsession with putting on a good face may be the only thing keeping him in work.

Cam also seems to have a bit of a mischievous streak, though he has significantly lessened such behavior since the incident he and his friends were part of in the Old Grove.

Camaro seems to be prone to developing to hopeless and one-sided crushes on attractive women, though he has seldom acted on these desires, conceding that his personal issues make him too flawed to engage in a meaningful romantic relationship. Turning to fiction to escape what he sees as a crushing reality, Camero often rereads a romance book, one he spent an entire allowance on, which he cherishes. The plot of the story is sub-par, and both the protagonist and love interest die in the end.

Brief History

Conceived within the small shanty town of Boones Rock, Camero was of unremarkable birth, the second eldest of an older brother Kito, a younger brother Safiri, as well as a younger sister, Kobe and Azuri respectively. As a child, Camero was much more fun-loving than present, and his love of adventure drew close two friends of his, a Human girl named Ylena Cether and a Half-Elf named Uzziel Waltes. Together the three would manufacture adventure whenever possible, though they had been countlessly told of the dangers that lurked in the Evermoor.

One day, while Kito was tasked with watching the three, Cam proposed a plan to trick his brother. He had come across the horn of a deer thought to exploit his elder sibling's love of hunting, so he found -








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