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Summary: The Lord of the Frozen Heart

Zachary Sainte

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Gender: Male

Age: 167 appears 25

Group: Lords/Ladies


The Sainte Family


Previous Duke

Rightful Heir of the Dalish throne

Shadow Ruler
Lord of the Frozen Heart

Many different names throughout the ages


1/8 frost elf
7/8 human
He has strong and sharp features, with fair skin. His long flowing hair was silvery white, and his eyes were the legendary cruel eyes of a Sainte. Standing at an impressive height of 6'5 ft (1.95m) and 164 Ib (74.4 kg)
He wears a range of clothing, from servant clothes, lesser nobleman clothing, and even common clothes.


Zachary Sainte is the personification of winter, he is cold, harsh, and ruthless. Showing little to no mercy to his enemies. He always keeps a cold and straight face and shows little emotion, like an ice sculpture. Zachary however has soft sides for people, and can change his entire personality, wearing masks to hide his identity.
He will do whatever is best for Dalen and the Sainte bloodline.

Brief History

Zachary Sainte was the son of Slyvia Malth and Gabriel Sainte. His father trained him young for combat, from tactics to hand to hand combat to his specialty of the Sainte magics; Cryomancy. He became a master in these skills by the age of ten. His parents would have been proud, had they not been assassinated by Verden inquisitors. He was no older than nine years old when they were slaughtered, his father's throat, sliced. His poor mother, drugged, done away like a common wench, before being poisoned. This is when Zachary gained the cruel eyes of the Sainte
He was taken in by his uncle, Leon Sainte, where he was groomed to be the most ruthless of killers. The two left for the Dalen Alps, and were gone for five years. Leon never returned, but Zachary did. The first thing he did was take his spot as the rightful head of the Sainte, not that it mattered much, he was the last of the Sainte during the time. Zachary actually poisoned himself, taking small doses, before taking bigger and deadiler doses. He did so he wouldn't die from poisoning like his mother.
Zachary swore to Thalia at the ripe age of sixteen. After he decapitated the head of one of her best knights, they insulted him. He soon made a name for himself slaughtering hundreds of Verden's inquisitors. When he was twenty, when he was seen as a man of ice, with no compassion or love, went on a journey to Karvoss. There he met a priestess of the goddess of peace.
Zachary came back to Dalen with a new wife. That priestess was no other than Octavia Kin, the mother of Emilia Sainte. Zachary was pleased with the maiden, more so overjoyed with his daughter.
However the mage wars happen and Zachary lost his wife, taking the charge he led brutal attacks against Verden that haunt them to this very day.
Once the Nameless had acted and Zachary discovered its plan, and to save the line, he faked his death, and planned a new way to save Dalen. He has wore many masks, acting and pretending yo be different people through the ages, with one goal on his mind, save his daughter and grandson, and rebuild Dalen, as well as the Sainte Bloodline.


Zachary wears magically enchanted armor that have icy blue coloring to it, with grey steel. It has an icy theme and is known to provide some magical and physical protection.
He also has his sword the Frost Singer, which is magically enchanted to pinpoint his Cryomancy, qnd cut through steel.
He also wears a sigal ring of the Sainte Famil that provides magical protection.


A master of swordsmen ship, warfare, and horeback riding, Zachary is a fierce warrior, with knowledge of military tactics and the art of deception. Making him a ruthless leader as well.

He is a skilled strategist, with a powerful body skilled in endurance, strength, and dexterity.

He is a master of demonic rituals, some necromancy, and being one of the moat power cryomancers.

His necromancy allows him to suck the life from others, giving him youth. He can do this as well to heal his own wounds.


Zachary doesn't seem to fear anything, however he is afraid of losing his only family forever, he also fears Dalen disappearing forever.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"In the cold winds of winter, none know its song."

"Emilia is the gentle nature of Sainte, but I am the cold winter of them."

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