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Summary: Leader of Nebelhain


Gender: female

Age: unknown

Group: Lords/Ladies


Rime Kingdom, (not longer exists)
Rime Elf *Extinct


Leader/Lady of a small forgotten town.


Rime Elf *Extinct
Gray hair, ears roughly human sized with a small point. very tall.


In her youngers years she was an odd character that didn't usually trust people right away due to circumstances of their life and how much they have been through. But years and years later she has become a confident leader. Leaning more into her terrestrial heritage. She is often suffering from great bouts of depression after the lose of her unborn child. Spending days inside the manor Leaving her right hand Kristoff to lead the best he can.

Brief History

Very little is known even to Silika. Most of it is a foggy mess of broken memories in the wrong places. After many years of wandering she found an abandoned town and created a home in the old manor there. Brining in sick, abandoned and lost people to get a new start.

Her kind only creates one egg at a time and it must hatch before another can be created. Though her first and only egg befell great tragedy and something was done to it to cause the egg to be come a semi-living geode. Filled with a sea of glittering stars, a testament to all the possibilities of what the child could have been Meaning she could never have another child, that is why the town is so important to her.


A crown fashioned for her by Brodie.


Healing magic


Fears: Loosing the egg completely
Weakness: Would put herself in harms way to protect the egg after failing the first time.

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Image of Silika
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