The Nameless and the Heartless

(The Twisted Matrix, Realm of the Nameless)

From the outside of the world, the land of Aeran seemed to shimmer like gold, in the Twisted Matrix, the black and twisted tenrils wrapped around cubical blocks, billions of darkened planets were gripped tightly by the same tenrils, deep purple orbs glowed lightly, illuminating the realm.

Shattered ships, broken systems, large bone like hives, and many other twisted or broken objects decorated the strange realm. At the center was a dark shrine, a twisted temple of flesh and broken cubicle shapes. Tentacles wrapped around each other, a single glowing purple light peered at Aeran.
The Nameless spoke in its voice of many, "The suffering, the pain, the chaos. We hear the call, millions crying out, they need control, order, our enlightenment. We are not their friend, we are not their enemy, we are their salvation."

Hundreds of black tenrils reached towards the land, "Our child has done well, we can save this land, and eventually this world." The tenrils slowly slithered towards the golden land, black spots began to appear, as the limbs twisted to the spots, a white light shown in a spot, burning on of the tenrils. "Ah, Fernoia's spark. Your goddess has left you, the lords of darkness and light can never bring her back, submit to us child, and I can bring you joy. We are a gentle being, we will never leave you, for we love you. As we love all."

The darkness of the land inched closer, suddenly, a blood red spot beamed from the land, a voice filled with rage spoke, "OPRESSOR, ENSLAVER, TYRANT, OUTSIDER!!!! Nameless." The darkness was pushed away, returning back to the black spots from before, the spot of rage glowed brightly, a glowing humanoid grew from the spot, two horns came from the side of its head, great flaming eyes shot at the Nameless. It's black tenrils burned away.

"This world isn't yours, it never was and never will be." The red being snarled, the Nameless spoke gently, "Horned one, we believed you gone, you live? Most unfortunate."

"You do not belong, you're fowl words, your sickening preachings, your disgusting presence, it has stirred me from my sleep. The last spark of Fernoia is guarded, the Lords will be victorious, and you will never return to this world, ever again."

"Why do you guard the same world that reject you, that took your love away, and her legacy. We can give you everything, and more."

"This world has its own rights, the world never rejected me, only certain groups have. If anyone will take this world for the better, it is me. I will reshape this land, this world, to what it should be. Not you, you do not belong, and I shall only welcome one being from the outside, that is Lady Fernoia. You will fall Nameless, your spawn will be slain, your minions will perish, and the world of Aeran will learn from this Dark Age, that even legends will return."

The two beings stared down each other, the Nameless light flicker away as it pulled it's tendrils away, "We shall see, Heartless, we shall see."
The red being slowly retreated back to the golden land as the Nameless withdrawal from its forced invasion, the red light looked out, "Fernoia, if you hear me, Aeran calls to you, the White One and the Dark One await your return, and your spark calls to you. I await your song."

The red light slowly dimmed as the Matrix slowly moved away from the land, out to the Crossroads.

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