An Alternate Tale

The dark hallway was illuminated on one end by the moon full and high in the sky, the other faintly by a flickering light where the door didn’t quite meet the floor. Killian stood staring groggily at it. Listening to the faint noises he’d heard the past three days.

Killian stretched his strong tall frame to try and wake up a bit before scratching his shoulder length brunette hair. A smirk crossed his lips and he shook his head. He went to the kitchen, and grabbed what bread they had left, and spread on some jam.

Taking the small meal down to Leahlana’s lab, where beakers and jar steamed under heat, and the tink tink crunch of a mortar and pestle were the only true sounds in the calm night stillness, accompanied by the occasional scribble on paper or a high pitched mumbles woman with the bushy ponytail hunched over her work table.

“Are you still at it?” Killian asked.

“Of course I am.” Leahlana said, “This mission could be sucide if we’re not ready.”

“You worry too much, when has it ever gotten too out of hand?” Killian smirked sitting the plate next to her on the work table.

“Don’t put it there, I'm working.” she said looking up at him through tinted gas goggles. “If any of this gets on it it’ll be ruined anyway.”

“If I put it anywhere else you will forget about it.” he retorted calmly.

Leahlana turned her attention back to her work.

“What have you been working on all this time?” Killian asked, leaning in close.

Leahlana cracked a proud smile, “A better smoke bomb.”

Killian scoffed, “You are obsessed.” he said teasingly.

“I am not!” Leahlana snapped, “I’m thurow. I want this to go off without a hitch.” she turned to him, pulling off her goggles. Revealing how dirt smudged her face was her copper eyes glaring up at him.

“You are so cute when you get mad.” Killian protested.

“I am not cu…” Leahlana began but Killian placed his thumb and pointer gently against her chin tilting her head up, leaning in himself for a kiss.

Leahlana’s protests quickly cut short as his lips touched hers. The small moment felt like hours, and when Killian finally pulled back with a chuckle Leahlana’s eyes slowly flitter open. There was a sudden small pop, followed by a small shower of sparks as the room filled with smoke.

“This is why I don’t like being distracted.” Leahlana sputtered out as she scrambled for the small window, letting the smoke free.

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