Travel up the mountain

Joseph spent most of the day traveling up the mountain side. The cold wind beat down on him, however he wouldn't allow it take him down. After what seem to be forever, he finally made it up the mountain side. The snow crunched under his feet as he began walking forward. The cursed mark on his chest burned lightly in the cold. The cold winds didn't bother him as he kept moving.
His mind began to wander as he kept moving, The Skeleton Ouroboros, he knows for a fact that the symbol was not that of the Iron Queen. He had seen it before, maybe in history books, or in ancient buildings, but he couldn't figure out where. However he remembered one thing, a name connected to the symbol, Draken.
After traveling for a while, Joseph finally took a break and set up his camp.

That night he wrapped the fur cloak around himself to keep warm as he sat by the fire. He looked into the flames as he thought, "The Iron Queen wants all humans gone, for them to stop existing. Why did she spare me then?" That question always haunted him, there was a reason, a reason he must find out. A Skeleton Ouroboros, The Iron Queen sparing him, Cursed for Eternity, Draken. All these thoughts kept coming up to him. He must find out what they all mean, why this had happened, and the biggest of all reasons, how can he break his unknown curse.

Later that night, he could have sworn he heard combat, men shouting. After listening to the noise, he finally decided to investigate. The noise lead him to a Fort, things are going to get interesting.

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