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Summary: Antares is ready to serve and protect the galaxy, no matter what!

Antares 'Ares' Vega

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Galactic Empire


Coruscant originally, Zeltros after he turned 3.


Imperial Cadet at Skystrike Academy

Physical Appearance

Antares is unusually tall and broad for his age, standing at 6'4. He has dark curly hair the color of slate, light blue eyes, and his skin is a light golden color with red undertones. The boy looks mostly human, however to a keen observer they'll notice something is slightly off.


Antares is loyal, brave, and determined. He's inherited his mother's intelligence and his father's strength, and has a fiery boldness all his own. Antares is quick to laugh and smile, and is always ready to snap back with a witticism.

Antares is very naive and sheltered as a result of his upbringing. He genuinely believes the Empire is working for the good of all. Antares is also kind to the point of being soft-hearted when his sympathy is aroused, something his superiors have struggled to train out of him. Antares has a streak of reckless hard-headedness: he's determined to do the right thing, no matter what! But what he thinks is the right thing, isn't always the smart thing...


Antares was born on Coruscant. His father, Regulus Vega, was a human freelancer pilot who enjoyed racing. His mother, Axano Shah, is an Arkanian offshoot (her genetics were spliced with those of a Zeltron by her creators) who runs a casino on Zeltros. Regulus rescued Axano from slavery, and they fell in love, with Axano moving to Coruscant just to be close to Regulus. Antares lived with them on Coruscant for the first 3 years of his life, but he has no memory of that time. When he was 3, a genetic condition inherited from his father flared up and almost killed him. After a successful surgery and treatments, Antares' life was saved at the cost of most of his memories. Now Antares takes a daily dose of medicine to treat his condition.

After the surgery, the family moved to Zeltros, where Axano used her business acumen (and the abilities granted by her Zeltron genetics) to start and run a very popular casino in the northen sector. When Antares was seven, his father (who had signed up as an Imperial pilot) died on a mission. As a result, Antares grew up with his mother, his father's best frient Hobie, and the ever-looming specter of his dead father. After a great deal of begging and pleading, his mother allowed him to attend the junior Imperial Academy on Coruscant. He graduated with high marks, and from there was accepted to Skystrike Academy.

Hobie and his mother remain worried about Antares, as evidenced by their frequent holomessages. Antares knows they have nothing to worry about-he's a loyal, talented pilot, and he'll serve and protect the whole galaxy one day, like his father before him.


Axano and Hobie have determined that Antares can never know the truth of his father and his condition. They may think ignorance will be Antares' saving grace, but that lack of knowledge just might kill him.

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Image of Antares 'Ares' Vega
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