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Summary: Kajidii of the Gorensla Kajidic

Oqokag Gorensla Diabure

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Gender: Male

Age: 653

Group: Other


Nar Villoto


Kajidii of the Gorensla Kajidic, of the Five Families

Physical Appearance

Standing at 3.2 meters, Oqokag is not as impressively large as his cousins. With a tan-brown hide, the Hutt Lorda maintains himself surprisingly well compared to most others of his kind with a constant, almost maniacal hygiene routine as well as a heavier than average usage of perfumes and scents to rid himself of the usual odors sentients associate with Hutts. A long pipe, made from wroshyr cone and adorned with Nyix-alloy carvings, is often in his hands, though is rarely lit with his preferred relaxations.


Calculating, reliable, and a hardliner for Huttese independence compared to the vast stretches of the galaxy, Oqokag is not above using exceptional violence to meet his ends, though does take preference to the calmer methods.

Towards his enemies, he prefers to rapidly remove them from the great game by assassination, destruction of property, and the taking of blood relative hostages before engaging in deliciously long stretches of interrogation, torture, before eventual death. To the Lorda, anyone who does not obey threatens his authority and thereby threatens the institution of the Kajidic. Such beings deserve to be made examples of. Towards his allies and friends, Oqokag can be considered a benevolent overlord. His orders are expected to be followed, due payment given, and nothing more. Minor failures on the parts of the Lorda’s subordinates may or may not be forgiven, depending on the details of their failure, though are generally allowed to pass given the potential for future profits. More major failings on the part of his underlings may require the employee be let go quickly, their death swift, and restitution quietly paid to their families. However, should an employee attempt to betray him and his trust, Oqokag does not hesitate to make an example of them. Potential enemies are kept at a far distance, though the Hutt maintains substantial networks to gather information.


Born in the Old Republic Era, Oqokag the Hutt rose to prominence in the cartels early in his career by organizing several other minor Hutt bosses to take and hold a lucrative spaceport on Taris. Through this, he both demonstrated a clear ability to command others, even supposed equals, and created a corridor for the Hutts to flood that ecumenopolis with their goods, spices, and services. Oqokag quickly exploited the market despite anti-alien laws, establishing himself as the stabilizing power in the Undercity while also taking control of several other Upper City spaceports. Ruthless in his endeavors, the Hutt would come to control large swathes of the blackmarket as well as substantial portions of the legitimate economy.

He continued in this fashion on several occasions, developing the underground markets on Fondor, Empress Teta, Chandrila, Alsakan, Skako, and Manaan, and as the years progressed Oqokag consolidated his gains. While the criminal empire he had developed was wide-reaching, the fact that he was the one to own it had not reached many, and this the Hutt ensured would continue. Intelligence networks would gradually form by his direction while trade routes were secured, factories were constructed, warehouses reinforced, and large numbers of Vodran would come under the Hutt’s employ. By the time of the Clone Wars, he had interests in both the Confederacy and the Republic, with specific interests in the Techno Union.

The war, while devastating to the galaxy as a whole, reached Oqokag only tangentially. With many of his assets being located in spaceports which neither side was keen to completely destroy, much of the Hutt’s wealth remained intact save for those few situations wherein one side or the other began to commit exceptional war crimes, and he would gain a reputation as one who takes revenge when so slighted. Towards the end of the war, with the Shadow Collective arising to force the leaders of the Five Families to join, Oqokag would maintain his forces outside of their actions, in effect refusing to take part in the invasion of Mandalore, and when it fragmented likewise took some effort in tracking down and removing those Hutts who had followed Maul. As the situation deteriorated further, the Hutt siphoned Confederate engineers, equipment, and expertise to his own operations, constructing factories on Alsakan and Empress Teta to produce battle droids for his troops, as well as intercepting especially damaged Confederate and Republic warships before they reached safe ports.

The takeover by the Empire would provide the Hutt with numerous opportunities, especially as they began to scrap the majority of their Republic Era fleet, and Oqokag would receive several dozen Venators scheduled for the process from his contacts in the military supply corps, moving them quietly to the Bootana Hutta region of space to keep away from prying eyes. The chaos amid the Hutt families as Imperial methods began to take place would likewise be taken advantage of as Oqokag framed the previous Kajidii, Bossato, to be aiding the Imperials and thereby betraying the Hutts. As a result of this maneuver and the scope of his holdings, Oqokag would be named as the Kajidii of the Gorensla. Since then, he has taken pains to maintain his holdings while attempting to expand onto Coruscant, Corellia, and other Core worlds, though progress has become increasingly slow due to Imperial motions.

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Image of Oqokag Gorensla Diabure
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