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Summary: Slicing all up in your bizness

Daiton Jor

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Gender: M

Age: 23

Group: Rebellion


Burnin Konn


Rebel Slicer

Physical Appearance

Kind of a scraggly guy with messy medium-length hair, Daiton usually wears a cloak with a hood up, or something of a knit cap on at all times. His clothes are a mixture of padded browns and dark greys/blacks with black combat boots on. He always has a black utility belt with all hids gear on him, such as datapads, code cylinders, spikes, and more.

Daiton has a custom pit droid that essentially has something like a MOUS droid instead of legs for locomotion. It has its own set of spikes and tools for electronic and computer interfaces. "Dummy" is a rather junky droid, breaking down and shorting out almost more than he succeeds.


Daiton is quiet and sarcastic, almost insulting at times. His opinion is all that matters, at least on the surface. Let him research your input on his own and he'll let you know if you're right.


Growing up on Burnin Konn, Daiton learned to scavange and fend as a youth. His parents were traders - well, his father was. His mother was who-knows-who. But he quickly had to know how to survive, and his natural affinity with all things electronic led him to where he's at today - a Rebel "agent" of sorts. Of course the Rebels who recruited him may not call him an agent, but that's what he liks to call himself.

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