The Blockade

Ristt had beaten his agent to Cerea, he hadn't heard from Aegon in quite some time. The General had ordered Angel Squadron, the elite unit of Z95 Headhunter pilots, to take out an Imperial blockade in the way of their planned strike point. Valerius Noer was Angel Leader; he'd been flying ships since he was a boy. "On my tail, bombers make an attack run on that Light Cruiser!"

"Sir yes sir!" The bomber commander Kayvak quickly replied. Kayvak and his fleet of Y-wing bombers made a quick bombing run. Mainly aiming for the ship's command deck.

"Scramble the fighters," an Imperial Officer stationed on the Light Cruiser demanded. The deck shook around him. In moments a band of TIEs were engaged in space combat with Angel Squadron.

"Keep them off me!" Valerius shouted into his headset. Two Z95s appeared behind him and gunned down the TIE fighter. "That was close."

"Be careful Angel Leader," one squadmate screamed. Valerius's Headhunter swooped down towards the light cruiser firing a barrage of laser fire upon the Imperial hull.

"Going for a second run - two Z95 fighters on me." Kayvak released another bomb on the hull. A massive explosion split the command deck from the rest of the light cruiser. "Hell yeah!" Kayvak laughed. Within moments the light cruiser was a wreck and the Imperial blockade was clear. "We're all good Angel Leader, let Ristt know."

"Right on it."

"See you down there Angel Leader!" Kayvak lead his bombers and a few Z95 Headhunters down to Cerea. Valerius tuned his contact system to Ristt's channel.

"What is it Valerius? Is it done?" Joux hastily asked.

"It's done General. Prep the ground crews, we're going to push the Empire off this rock."

"Very good Angel Leader - prep for landing! Ristt out." Valerius began his planetary approach, the battle for Cerea was about to begin.

To Be Continued...

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