Max Victorious

Max grinned, happy to watch the prick waddle off to no doubt consume several small children before looking to Serenity, noting the exhaustion in her eyes. He knew any attempt to push her would only add to it. So he nodded and handed her a sheet of paper from his bag. "Okay, but I want you to read the next five chapters and fill out this sheet I made. It'll be due at the end of the week. So don't stress it."

Then Max noted how that River girl was looking at him. He smiled at her, she was a pretty girl, and seemed nice enough even though half the time he thought she hated his guts. However he didn't know her and wasn't going to jump to conclusions. He merely hoped one day they could be friends. The kid was new, though. He smiled at the boy and nodded.

"I guess then this class session is gonna be more relaxed than usual. How about we all find a quiet place and talk about our favorite books?" He decided to include the others because why the hell not he loved talking about books with people.

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