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Summary: A Gothic Photographer

River Vallerin

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Residents


African American



Physical Appearance

A short dark skinned girl with black hair that falls past her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark brown-purple color and she always dresses in black. She's always seen in her signature black gothic combat boots.

Personality and interests

She comes off as rude and harsh, but is actually a sweet girl that only wants to be loved for who she is.

Her interests are mostly photography and reading books.


Already living on her own since she was sixteen, River has been doing photography professionally and keeps to herself for the most part. She refuses to talk about the things that happened in her life before moving into her own apartment.

She has a huge fear of men that she will not give an explanation for, but if one pays close enough attention, it can be figured out.

Favourite Sayings

"If it's beautiful to me, I'll photograph it."

Favourite food

Ice Cream

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Image of River Vallerin
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