One Chill Tortoise

Veronica wondered what Paul had meant with his apologies. When she visited him again she found him awake finally. Looking over his chart she sighed. "Tell me what happened Paul... a lot of these things look like they were done to you. And we found traces of a drug in your system...." She looked to him with concern. "What happened to you?"


Jonah simply nodded. "I'm no stranger to such gangs, Kent..." In fact he hailed from such a gang. Though his was a bit more on the "honorable thieves" side of the criminal element.

Tam frowned. "I'm not letting them get away with any of this..." She looked to Kent and pulled him into her arms. "No one is taking you away from me without a fight..."

Then Tam's phone started going nuts. Reluctantly she answered and explained the situation to each and every outlet, though she was smart enough to keep any information about whether or not Serenity would be getting back onto the ice on the down low.

There were only so many things the press needed to know, after all.


Max chuckled, "He manages to sneak around quite well. I found him in my closet in my bedroom on the second floor... How he got up the stairs I don't know."

Randy was more than happy to accept the cheetos and snuggles.

Once they were home, Max sat with Kevin and waited for Kevin's mom to come down when Mr. Andrews went up to break the news to her.

"It'll be okay, Kev..." He looked to his friend and smiled reassuringly while Randy happily sat on Kevin's lap and idly chewed on some cheetos.

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