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Summary: Animal Boy

Kevin Andrews

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Residents




Pet Shop Worker

Physical Appearance

Slightly tall blond with blue eyes. His hair often hides the right side of his face where a burn scar is.

Personality and interests

A bit absent minded and dumb, he is very friendly and loves all animals. He can be a bit too nice for his own good, getting him taken advantage of at times, but he is a tough cookie and figures things out eventually.

His interests mostly revolve around animals.


Growing up on a farm, he moved to Crystal Waters for a change of life and to follow his dream of owning a pet shop. For now he is gladly working for the local pet shop known as "Poodles and Pussies" and lives in the nearby apartment complex.

The burn scar on the right side of his face is due to an accident as a teenager while still living on the farm. He refuses to speak about it.

He has a pet possum named Bonnie.

Favourite Sayings

"Any animal can be a pet if you're brave enough!"

Favourite food

Apple Pie

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Image of Kevin Andrews
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