Guess Who's Also In The Back!

Veronica looked to River and nodded. "She's gonna be okay. However she's got a long road ahead of her. The vehicle struck her in such a way that her legs bared the brunt of the damage... however with some extra surgery and physical therapy... she could be back skating soon."

Riley wasn't bothered by the abrupt end to his and River's date. He wanted to be here for River and Serenity. His sister was still sobbing. He went to her and put his arm around her. "Don't blame yourself, Lisa... it's gonna be okay..."

Lisa wiped her tears away and sighed. "I still feel like I could've been there..."

Riley shook his head. "Don't think about the what if's... It happened. We can be here and help her, that's all we can do."


As they drove home, Mr. Andrews would note the strange thing on the floor on the back of Max's car. It no doubt would take him a moment for him to realize that it was a tortoise shell and the tortoise it belonged to poked his head out and regarded Mr. Andrews with curiosity, until he saw the possum and mouse on the man's lap.

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