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Summary: Surgeon and relatively new resident to the town

Veronica Styles

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Group: Residents




Head Surgeon at Crystal Waters General Hospital

Physical Appearance

An attractive woman with brown wavy hair and brown eyes.

Personality and interests

Veronica is kind and dedicated to her job. When she has free time she is often buried in a book or enjoying walks in the park. She likes to cook as well.


She worked on her medical degree while serving in the military. There she met Max Lovelace whom she performed live saving surgery on. They became fast friends and remain in touch to this day.

She eventually settled in Crystal Waters. After Max moved to the town, it should be noted. Taking on the role as head surgeon at the hospital.

Favourite Sayings

It's simpler than sewing someone back together.

Favourite food

She loves Mexican fodd.

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Image of Veronica Styles
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