Bad Days

River sat down and shrugged. "I'm not sure, Serenity." She said with a heavy sigh. Her voice was full of sympathy for her friend. Neither of them ever enjoyed being in the hospital, that was for sure.

After some simple chit chat and laughing over a boy that had a crush on Serenity, River finally decided to ask why no nurses had come by to check on her. Getting to her feet, the photographer stepped into the hallway and stopped an orderly. "Excuse me, but why hasn't anyone come to see her?" She inquired with a frown.

They spoke for a long moment before River returned to Serenity. "They'll find the doctor, Veronica Styles, for us." She said.

Sitting back down, she pulled her phone from her bag and frowned at all the messages from Jonah. A part of her wanted to reply, but she had chosen to ignored his calls and messages during this visit. He could wait until she got home to finish their argument, something she was not about to tell Serenity about.

Tossing the phone back into her bag, she leaned back to wait on Veronica's arrival.


Hours later, after work, Kevin finally got Randy, Bonnie, and Jr. "Come on, guys. Time to see Serenity!" He chimed, heading out the door and toward the hospital on foot.


Paul looked up at Veronica before dropping his head again. "I...I don't know..." He whispered and pushed a hand through his hair. "You said is good? Can...Can I see her?"


When Kent finally got home, a deep frown was on his face. Setting his keys down and hanging up his jacket, he made a beeline for the bathroom, kicking off his boots on the way. Getting a quick shower, he was soon out and looking in the fridge for something, anything to distract him from what he had just endured at work.

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