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Summary: A world weary teen wishing to escape this town.


Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Residents




Cook/delivery driver at Vinny's Pizza Barn

Physical Appearance

A petite young woman with blonde hair. Often wearing long sleeved shirts and colorful leggings under jean shorts.

Personality and interests

Tam has the aura of a tomboy about her, often crass and fond of dark humor. She wants to move out of the town more than anything.


Tam was born in Crystal Waters and has lived here all her life. Her mother left her father when she was twelve and ever since she has basically been trying to support the empty husk he has become, as well as look after her younger brother, Chris. She got a job at the local pizza store to try and help her family.

Favourite Sayings

"Here's your food, now go fuck yourself."

Favourite food

Anything but pizza.

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Image of Tamara
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