Follow Up

Tam was quick to respond to the press, mostly pointing out how Serenity's health was not the business of the press. Then she set about getting things ready for when Kent got home. Chris was doing his homework, happy as can be.

"I can't wait for Chris to get home." Chris said. "He was gonna show me how to beat the last boss in Dark Souls!"


Randy simply let Bonnie rest on his shell. He listened to Kevin with a look that implied the turtle knew what Kevin was talking about. Of course, he did understand Kevin, but that was beside the point.

He was just looking forward to this Serenity person that Kevin was talking about, and the potential happiness he and the others could bring her.


Veronica was soon approaching Paul with a bleak look in her eyes. And sure enough, she told him that his daughter had passed away but they had managed to save the baby. Veronica put a sympathetic hand on the man's shoulder. Veronica didn't want to admit it but she had grown fond of Paul in the time she got to know him. And now she was delivering the worst news a parent could get.

"I'm so sorry, Paul... Can I do anything for you? Anything at all?"

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