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Summary: Local Bad Boy


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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Residents




Ice Cream Shop Employee
Metal Worker

Physical Appearance

Short for a guy with dark brown hair, amber eyes, and tan skin. When not at work, he's always wearing a jacket and his favorite hat.

Personality and interests

He's a loner and hates most people, but will be nice to those he loves and cares for. He loves to turn metal into art and has been known to sell his art for a little extra cash.

His interests include art and metal and staying away from people.


Growing up in Crystal Waters, he is known as the local "bad boy" and got into a lot of fights in high school. College turned into a total flop and his abusive father refuses to pay the debt, so he's stuck working at the ice cream parlor.

He's very good at hiding his home life from people.

Favourite Sayings

"Choose a damn flavor already!"

Favourite food

Hot and spicy foods.

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Image of Kent
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