The Story of A Tortoise and a Possum...

Veronica nodded. "Sure thing." Then she saw Paul come in to the lobby and saw how badly injured he was. "Just follow the nurse to see her..." She gestured to the nurse who nodded to River to follow her.

Then she rushed to Paul. "I need help here!" She started to take Paul to the back to tend to his wounds.

All the while Tam grimaced at the sight and looked to Riley. "I've had enough of this shit..." She murmured as she went to her cousin and started to ask him about looking into this gang. Jonah simply nodded and looked to Kent then to Chris.

"I'll make some calls." Riley said.


Max smiled and nodded. "Yeah. The sweet old guy just called to me. His name is Rodney."

Rodney regarded the cheeto and sniffed it before taking into his mouth and chewing it with repast. Then nuzzled Bonnie for another one.

It was love at first sight.

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