The C Word

River nodded in understanding to Veronica, but the moment her phone chimed, she checked the message. Rage instantly entered her eyes and squeezed her phone tightly. "Cunt..." She whispered and put the phone away in her purse before returning her gaze to the doctor. "Can I go see her? She needs to know someone is here for her."

The photographer would do all she could to help her friend.

That was when Paul walked in, nursing his left arm that was wrapped tightly in a small blanket. Blood was seeping through as he looked to them, his eyes glossy and lost as if he were drugged. "Is this the emergency room?" He murmured, holding his bleeding arm close. So soaked, drops of blood had already begun to trail behind him and he was very pale.

Kent gazed at Paul with concern, recognizing the state of this man. A deep frown crossed his face. "He's been attacked by Brandon and his crew..." He whispered to Tam, gesturing to the deep burn on the side of Paul's neck.


Bonnie gazed down at the tortoise with curiosity before dropping down to the floor and sitting next to him. Pulling a cheeto from her bag, she offered it to the creature.

Mr. Andrews watched them calmly, Junior staying in his lap and doing the same. "Max, did you buy a pet?" He inquired.

Kevin blinked and looked back to his father. "What?" He asked.

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