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Summary: The sheltered sister

Lisa Gunner

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Residents




Focusing on writing and English Literature
A great singer

Physical Appearance

A young, attractive woman with auburn hair and brown eyes. Usually wearing beautiful blouses/dresses over a pair of jeans.

Personality and interests

Lisa is outgoing and kind. Always eager to help people, and is devoted to her older brother who raised her. She enjoys books and wants to become an author herself one day.


Lisa was raised by her brother Jonah after their mother died. While he quit school and supported them through various odd jobs he insisted she stay in school. A sacrifice she feels the need to make up for by being the best she can be and make her brother proud.

When word came down that their uncle died, she insisted that she and Jonah go to Crystal Waters to help their cousins Tam and Chris.

Favourite Sayings

"The next page is still unwritten."

Favourite food


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Image of Lisa Gunner
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