No, Not Goodbye, Never.

The girl was brought in on a stretcher, Dr. Veronica Styles had been waiting for the patient to arrive and was quick to get to work with her team. There was some added pressure to save this girl. She was a local celebrity, and a skilled Olympic athlete, so Veronica needed to make sure everyone did their best to save this girl and ensure she'd be back to one hundred percent once they were done.

It took hours, but Veronica was relieved once she was certain that Serenity Winters would indeed live....

A large group had congregated in the waiting room for her. Many of them familiar faces since she remembered tending to Chris several months back.

Tam was pressed into Kent's shoulder. "Do you... do you think it was them? Some kind of message?" She had been thinking about it since River called them about the accident. Even now she had a pistol tucked away in the waistband of her jeans where it would be easily concealed. If these gang fuckers from Kent's past tried anything... or if they were the ones behind Serenity's accident... there would be hell to pay...

Jonah was sitting next to River. They had gotten the call on their date, she had come dressed in a lovely outfit that had made Jonah's heart flutter. And he was in a sharp-looking shirt and jeans. More relaxed but still putting in the effort to look good for her. Yet now he just watched River with concern. Her best friend had been fighting for her life for several hours.

Lisa was sobbing next to her brother, wishing she had agreed to go on the walk with Serenity. And she silently blamed herself for letting this happen...

Max waited in the car for Mr. Andrews to break the news to his son. From his car he could see Kevin's reaction and his heart broke for him. He knew he wanted to be there for him however he could.

He waited for them to come back so he could drive them home. However he got a call from Serenity's mother saying she had been in an accident. His heart sank and he now felt the need to go help his student and her family. But right now Kevin came first.

"How're you holding up?" He finally asked Kevin when he got into the car.

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