All Bad, No Good, But It's Happening

Kent was silent the entire time. He could not be sure if it was Brandon and his gang or not that caused this. There had been no calls, no warnings - nothing. If it was that monster and the gang, he had changed tactics over the years, that was for sure.

As for River, she was silently freaking out during the entire wait. The date with Riley had been ruined, but she did not care. This was was her best friend, a girl that was like both a sibling and a daughter to the gothic photographer.

The part that disappointed River, though, was that Serenity's rich parents had not shown up yet. She had spoken to them and even convinced them that their daughter needed them here for her, but had they shown up? Had they reassured her that they would fly out to come comfort their daughter?

No...the schmucks.

"How is she?" River finally asked.


Kevin grimaced and shrugged with a sigh. "I just want to rest for now." It was all he could push himself to say.

Mr. Andrews simply kept BOnnie and Junior held in his lap in the back seat.

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