Snicker Snicker Goes The Mouse

River hugged Serenity back and sighed. "Be careful," She said and got the skater to lie back down. "You need to rest and let the doctor and nurses care for you. Your legs are in bad shape and you're going to need a lot of stuff done."

She didn't want to say exactly what the doctor had mentioned yet. For now, the photographer wanted her friend to calm down. A part of her wished she hadn't dressed up so nicely for her date because she felt so awkward standing before her friend in this wardrobe.

"It's going to be okay."


Paul stared at Veronica silently for a long time, his mind trying to recall what had happened. With a hand pressed to his head, he brushed fingers through his hair and let out a heavy sigh. "I...I don't remember daughter was there...someone with...a needle?" The worst part he remembered was the pain.

There had been so much pain.

"It hurt...a lot..." Paul murmured and finally took notice of his bandaged up arm. "What...?" A shocking pain bit at his neck and he reached up to touch it, only to meet more bandages. "What happened to me...?"


Kent nodded back to Jonah, but was not convinced. He had been with the gang long enough to know what exactly Brandon and his crew were capable of. They had killed a lot of people back when he was with them, but he was sure many more had suffered worse after he left.

Watching Tam, he silently waited for her to get done.


Kevin was find with Randy and Bonnie being on his lap until the possum began humping the tortoise. "WHAT THE FUCK, BONNIE?!!" He yelled and shoved her off. She stumbled along the couch and let out an odd hiss that sounded too much like a laugh. Hopping off the couch, she scampered off toward the kitchen to find more cheetos.

Setting Randy on the floor, the blond male grimaced. "That was gross..." He muttered.

"What's gross is that damned blue haired whore." His mother's voice was a snarl as she stepped into the room. "She gonna just force ya to care for a child she forced outta ya?!"


"I will cut this little cunt! Where's my butcher knife, hun!!!?!!!"


"We left it back home, weapons allowed on planes." Mr. Andrews answered calmly.

"Fine!" Mrs. Andrews hissed through her teeth and went for the kitchen. "I gotta borrow a knife, Max."

"No!" Kevin hopped up and went to stop his mother.

Junior, now sitting on Max's head, snickered in little squeaks.

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