Everyone Knows Now

River nodded and glanced to Paul with slight concern, but was too worried about Serenity to stay behind. Following the nurse, she was soon in the room and heard the blond ice skater calling for her mom. Heart breaking, she went to her friend and gently touched her shoulder.

"Serenity..." River said softly. "I'm here. It's me, River..."


Paul grunted, but seemed to be unaware of the pain as Veronica tended to his wounds. His eyes, unwilling to focus, gazed toward the woman and tried to take in her appearance. Swaying slightly, he let out a weakened laugh. "I'm sorry..." He murmured, watching as stitches had to be applied all along his arm from elbow to wrist.

He would need a blood transfusion, despite denying it, but would not fight when taken care of. "I'm sorry," He repeated and stared at the ceiling by the time everything was done to take care of him. "I thought I had it taken care of...thought she was getting help..."

Paul was soon in a deep sleep and would not wake until the next time Veronica came to check up on him.


Kent stared at Jonah. "Brandon and his gang aren't easily dealt with." He said with a sigh and glanced toward the door. "Seeing that guy tells me they may have had something to do with Serenity's accident. It means they work this town..."

A cold chill was going down the brunette's spine as realization bit at him. Brandon and his gang might even have the cops under their feet.

This was not good...

Yazuhiko finally walked into the room with a deep frown on his face. "I apologize for the delay." He stated as he looked to them. "I was caught up in the middle of a meeting when I got the call. Do you know how Serenity is doing?"

With a sigh, Kent explained.


Kevin chuckled. "I remember you buying him...how did he get in your car?"

Bonnie gave Randy a cute possum smile before snuggling close to him and constantly sharing her cheetos. For her, it too was love at first sight.

Junior, on the other hand, was happy to watch from Mr. Andrews' lap. The little mouse was exhausted from all the earlier excitement and just wanted to rest for now.

When they got home, Kevin took all the animals and held them close with a sigh. He did not look forward to dealing with his mother's reaction to the news.

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