A Few Months Later (2)

River finally finished mailing off photos from a small modeling shoot she had done of Serenity in some clothes her mother had sent them.

"It'll promote my work." Serenity's mother said.

Rolling her eyes as she arrived at the hospital, the photographer made her way to the room her best friend was resting in after her latest surgery. Physical therapy was going to be a long road and she would have to remind the blond to stay positive, but at least she was alive. Thank God she was alive!

No thanks to her parents...

"She's awake if you want to see her." A nurse said with a smile, giving the dark skinned girl the room number.

"Thanks," was all she said in response before going to the room. Today had been a very stressful day. Another argument with Jonah occured over why she wouldn't sleep with him and then there was Lisa trying to get Kevin's attention. It was all a bunch of drama she had not been looking forward to.

Getting to visit Serenity was a very needed thing for the photographer.

Stepping into the room, she put on her best smile. "Hey, Serenity." She said.


Over the past few months Kent had gotten through physical therapy and was walking on his own before he knew it. With a little help from Serenity and Tam, he was now working at the local mechanic and helping out with cars and trucks of every shape and size. Being with Tam and Chris made the journey to this point so much easier and he was enjoying life for once.

Well, that was until a certain truck came into the shop in need of repairs.

"Check engine light came on," Brandon said calmly as he stared right at Kent.


Kevin was gladly at work, having decided to give Yazuhiko and Max some alone time for the day. Randy, Bonnie, and Junior were there with him and Stefan. "We got to let those boys have some fun some time." The blond said with a chuckle as he made things comfortable for them in the back. "And we get to visit Miss Serenity today too. I know you three love her."

Turning, he stepped out to help Stefan take care of customers.


Paul was sitting in the hospital lobby, a look of exhaustion and frustration written on his face. Something had gone terribly wrong with Layla's pregnancy and he had been forced to drag the blue haired teen here, but things were not looking good. Yes, she was a little monster that basically raped that poor blond, Kevin, but she was still his daughter.

He could only wait until Veronica Styles came out to give him the news.

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