More the merrier

"I'm all for it if you are Miss Lilly" Carn replied with a friendly smile.

Tamara yawned as she woke up in bed, stretching as she got up and shut off her alarm clock. The last she wanted to do was to go to work but unfortunately, she needed the money. "At least the boss finally that creep who had been stalking her," she said to herself, getting dressed in her work uniform before heading out. At least her roommate Valerie had left her some muffins for breakfast that she ate in her car.

Luckily it had been a slow day at work with little to no customers. "Tam got an order for the skating rink once you deliver it you can head home" her boss called out. Smiling she took grabbed the pizza and left. The skating rink boss tended to pay for their employee's meal and it wasn't uncommon for Val to order just so they could chat. Entering the rink she spotted her friend working the rental stand waving at her. Walking towards her she noticed some new people talking to the local celebrity that was Serenity.

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