Remind Me To Do That

River froze at what Chris told her, a lot of things swimming through her mind at the mention of their father "sleeping" with Tam. It took her a moment to compose herself and she cleared her throat. "Remind me to talk to Tam later, okay?" She asked Chris, unsure of how to handle this situation.

A part of River wanted to call the police that instant and get that disgusting man arrested, but she knew all the complications that would follow. She herself had made the mistake of not calling them, though. The pain and humiliation were still there, always lingering in the back of her mind.

She would do what she could to help Tam, even if it meant beating the ever living crap out that man. For now, though, she would try her best to keep Chris in good spirits.

Turning her gaze to Serenity, she gave her a "are you seriously letting the man stick around?" look. Part of her really didn't want Max around simply because of his appearance and how much he reminded her of the person that hurt her, but she was not going to verbalize her concerns. She needed to get over this embarrassing fear of men already and would endure being around them if it helped.

So long as Max kept a good distance from her, the photographer would be fine.

"Lets go into one of the more comfortable rooms where there is actually some heat to keep us from freezing, shall we?" River finally suggested to everyone.

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