Weary Morning

Max woke up in his bed, the sound of the nearby fan humming and the faint sound of birds chirping outside welcoming him to consciousness. Yet Max didn't feel rested. The damn sleeping pills weren't working. Last night had been a restless night as he laid in bed, trying to sleep all the while his brain tormented him with potential story ideas for his next novel before turning into a nightmarish attack on his own soul.

He had only gotten to sleep after deep exhaustion settled in. Four hours of semi-restful sleep. Again.

"Maybe the first book was a fluke?" He said to himself as he laid in bed. However the side job he'd taken on as a tutor to some spoiled ice skating rich kid started today. He got up and got ready, soon making his way to the ice rink where he would be meeting said spoiled rich kid.

He found Serenity talking with someone, probably a friend. He opted to wait until she was done talking to the goth-looking girl before introducing himself...

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