Order Up!

Wendy Lawsen sits and waits in the local bakery of Crystal Waters, killing time by reading a cheesy romance novel. Just as she's about to get to something intense and steamy, though, the phone rings. Jumping, she slaps the book closed, only to realize she just lost her place.

Cursing under her breath, she hides the book under the counter and answers the phone. "Hello, this Crystal Waters Bakery where we bake happiness! You're speaking to Wendy! How may I be of service to you today?" She speaks in her usually cheerful tone.

The voice that answers has a thick Russian accent and she instantly regrets answering. "Oh, sure Alexei, sir! I can bring them by the rink." She responds to his request for his usual cupcakes and cookies. Often times, the workers eat them while he pays, usually behind his back. He still eats plenty of them, though. The only person that never eats anything is the sweet girl that has him for a training instructor.

After getting his order written down, Wendy says her goodbyes and hangs up. Getting to work, she quickly has grabs everything he ordered and heads out. She keeps everything in a special container due to the fact that her old beat up little car has no air conditioning.

She makes it to the rink, though.

Once Wendy steps inside, she sees Alexei muttering something to what she can only assume is a repair man. Giving the man a kind smile, she goes over to the nearby table and sets the items down. "Your order, sir." She says softly, only to get berated minutes later when the Russian man starts to complain about his order.

To anyone else, her treats are perfection, but it seems nothing ever makes Alexei happy. Even the poor girl he is training looks miserable.

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