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Summary: The Local Bakery Owner

Wendy Lawsen

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Residents




Bakery Owner

Physical Appearance

A petite girl with pearl pale skin, long black locks of elegant hair, and deep brown eyes that almost seem black at times.

Personality and interests

A sweet girl with a big and loving heart. She loves to bake, thus her career and is always cheerful. She is interested in coming up with new and enjoyable recipes a d just wants to find that perfect man to marry one day.


Growing up to hard working parents most of her life, Wendy was left at home alone a lot. She took this as. Chance to grow and explore her own interests by practicing baking. (She got in trouble the first time due to almost burning the house down). The older she got the more passionate she became, which got her into college and building her own bakery.

To this day her snacks are the best around.

Favourite Sayings

"I bake happiness!"

Favourite food

Salad (ironically)

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Image of Wendy Lawsen
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