Back to work.

Aisha awoke early to the smell of coffee with a yawn she dropped her feet to the floor and did a few stretches. Once she was done she popped into the bathroom for her morning routine and emerged in a soft thin cotton shirt over a tank top a flowy skirt and her flat slippers. Grabbing her bag she made her way down stairs.
In the kitchen her grandmother sat quietly at the table watching her sister cut up some apples and place them on a plate with some ote meal. Dyka was a good cook and both Aisha and her grandmother loved her food. " You two are up early." She said poring herself a glass of juice. " Oh yes I have to get the two commission pieces I've been working on mailed out today and I have to get that sculpture to the art exhibit downtown." Dyka answered as she placed the food I front of grandma. Aisha was concerned " Who's going to sit with nanna? I have to go the dance studio and see if they are still going to let me teach that class." Dyka nodded and held up a slip of paper with a name and number " already called and the aid is on her way, should be here any minute." This relaxed her a bit. " Ok I have to go will you wait for her? " She nodded to her sister and watched as Dyka rushed out the back door to the large guest house she had turned into her art studio/ living space. She herd the car start and her sister was gone.
Her grandmother sat spooning oatmeal into her face a bit dribble down and Aisha wiped it away with a smile. " And how are you feeling today Nana?" She asked. Her grandmother looked up at her with glossy eyes and smiled " the birds said it's going to rain." She said in her shaky voice. She smiled again " well that's good the flowers need it." The aid came and Aisha headed to town walking briskly down the side walk twords the dance studio.
In town Dyka finished mailing her paintings and was now watching nervously as two moving men carefully carried her sculpture of the goddess Kali into the small art museum.

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