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Summary: Wet your whistle?

Emma Gerrit

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Gender: Female

Age: 34

Group: Citizen of Dusk



Home District

The Rose District


Emma was born, Sarah Gerrit to a middle class family in the twins. They were both sent to the Black Gallows for heresy against the state when she was twelve and she ended up in the local orphanage in the Rose District.

Life went down hill from there and she managed to pull herself through some experiences that she would rather forget. She discovered her current career at the age of sixteen and by the age of twenty three she was running the Ladys' Grace.


Love chocolate, fine clothing and food. Oh and Lina of course!


Hates the Peoples Council and all it stands for, and will kill anyone who harms one of her girls.

Dark Secret

She killed the previous proprietor of the Ladys Grace and forged her will.

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Image of Emma Gerrit
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