Enter the Spider

Posted by Largehobbit Mar 7, 2018, 10:58pm

- Spink's Manor, Highholm. August 18th, Evening -

Edward limped into the grand hall of Spinks Manor. The crowd parted before him, some mumbling greetings, others simply turning their heads and walking away. He was offered a drink by a nearby servant and he took the proffered glass in a gloved hand and brought it to his lips. He did not drink it.

Carefully he scanned the crowd. His one good eye bright with interest. Highholm was a cesspool of self important pricks. He would set fire to each and every last one of them if he did not have better things to do. The stench of their decadence almost made him want to vomit, but shit like this drew fly's and in this city he was the spider.

He stood out in his black trench coat and boots. He had made no effort to dress for the event. To blend in. As High Inquisitor for the Peoples Council he had no need for such affectations, his power and status were almost absolute.

He spotted Emily Roezell, an interesting woman. She was quite impressive in the way she worked the room, striking up conversation and steering it to her design. Most likely she was simply hunting for a rich prospect amongst the Highholm bachelors, most likely. Either way she was a person of interest. A player in the game.

She had been speaking with Louis Desaut, board member of Dredworth Munitions Company. His sources told him that they were about to have some trouble with the Red Crew. In fact he had a man right now at the Red Crew meeting down in the Sprawl keeping an eye on things.

There was a stirring in the crowd as servants informed the guests that a speech would soon be given by their hosts in the adjoining room. Edward walked through early still carrying his untouched drink and took a seat in shadows to the rear of the room.

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