Welcome Home

Leon moved quickly and unseen from the top parts of the city to the underground network of sewers and tunnels that lead not just through the vast network of such systems to his destination.

He dropped the cloaking that kept him from being seen and being there was only those of his own kind down here didn't bother with masking his presence. He would be a hideous figure to anyone but his own but the Nosferatu that came out upon seeing it was him all looked similar, some even worse.

"Leon. Are you staying?" Or "Leon, I guess you heard what happened."

The answer to both was "Yes."

He could not just see but sense the relief over the other Nosferatu before he said two things. "Call a meeting for tonight of the clan. Make it for 9." and "Where's Colette?"

The first thing he said got a few of the vampires scurrying off to alert the rest of the clan. The second thing got a response of. "She's at home."

He nodded. "Merci"

All that was left of his presence soon after was a splash in the sewer water and a few rats scurrying. One of the vampires grabbed a hand full of rats and started handing them out like one might hand out treats.

Through a bit more of the sewers until he came to the tunnels. The tunnels had been built, originally, to help runaway slaves escape. Because of the land, in New Orleans, being below sea level they were also prone to flooding something which wasn't much of a problem for vampires but a huge problem for humans. So, the tunnels hadn't been used much for their intended purpose, at least not the first set of tunnels, but the tunnels did lead out of New Orleans to nearby land that was slightly higher and those tunnels had been used by the escaped slaves. There was no telling how many people managed to escape and how many died in the attempt but Leon thought it might someday be interesting to get one of those vampires that could talk with the dead down here to find out more information. As for him, he couldn't but he he did certainly know his way around down here and soon enough he was at the last tunnel before home.

He came up though the pipe, hiding himself just in case their were any onlookers and realized he probably smelled like where he had just come from. Using just a drop of the magic perfume he had taken with him he disguised his smell and came up though the pipe to right outside the house.

Leon and Colette, unlike most Nosferatu, actually owned a house. It was slightly outside of town, not very large but it had a large basement which was useful and they had made a direct line to the tunnels under the house from the basement so other Nosferatu could come there for meetings and such. The last Primogen had used it all the time for meetings and its where the meeting would be held tonight.

He didn't use that though because he hadn't told Colette he was coming and sneaking up on a vampire is never a good idea. So, he instead looked around and noticing no one was around appeared but disguising his true form, just to be safe, into the way he mostly looked when in town. A man with curly brown hair.

He approached the house, the shades were drawn, of course. Ringing the door bell he heard a female voice yell out. "Just a minute."

It didn't take long before the door opened and he saw a large smile cross the face of the woman before him before she hugged him.

"Sire." She said. "You've returned." Stepping aside to let him in. "Welcome home."

He returned hug, also happy to see her and entered the house before saying. "It's good to be home. I think. Well, it is good to see you didn't get yourself killed."

"You heard what happened then." She said, following him into the living room. "Are you hungry?"

"I'll eat later." He sat down and she sat next to him. "I want to hear from you what happened."

"Well, the last Prince was awful. He was bad enough when you left but it just got worse. A group of us decided to take him out. So, we did. Then, of course, the Primogens got taken out as well. I think he might have blood bonded, at least, some of them. I hear there is a new Prince and all the clans are chosen or have chosen new Primogens. And that's about it." Colette said.

"That's it? Adsila, you have made an enemy or a few by doing that. Do not understand how dangerous that was." He called her Adsila only when they were alone. That had been her mortal name and it kept a little of her heritage with her.

Their relationship was certainly not uncommon but not all together common either. They had a father/daughter relationship, they were close and unlike some other sire/protege relationships there wasn't any added things to it. He cared for her and watched out for her. He was actually quite protective of her but also with that kind of relationship comes the calling her out when she does something that could possible get her hurt or killed.

"I know but it was necessary. Things would have just been so much worse had we done nothing." She knew he cared and it was nice but she wasn't new at this.

He sighed. "Ok, well then I'm hungry. What have you got."

"There are some rats in the basement or a have a few blood bags, human, in the fridge."

"Would you get me a blood bag? We'll need the rats for later. I called a clan meeting."

"Does this mean your going to stay and take over as Primogen?"


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