Good Evening

Face down and head turned sideways on her pillow a woman with shockingly red hair looked up bleary eyed from under her messy hair. The sky was dark, aside from the light pollution from the city around her. Her fingers brushed the hair away as she pulled off the covers and stepped out on to the hard dark wood floor. Laying next to her was a man, still laying in the position of "Big Spoon" from last night.

"Get up." she said nudging the man, who only slightly moved, and she let out a sigh.


Helena stood on the balcony for a few minutes, though she couldn't truly feel it. She enjoyed to cool night air, she knew it was cool, and could feel its movement and something about that make her feel good.


"Wake up." she kicked the edge of he mattress he was laying on, before going into the bathroom to fix her hair and get ready for the rest of the night. Taking off her underwear from the night before and staring at herself in the full sized mirror, squinting slightly without her glasses, she sighed.


Tonight she decide to wear something different. Taking out a red and black summer dress, strappy pentagram on the back. Giving herself a once over in the mirror, and grabbing what she knew he would end up wearing. Basically what he always wore. Harem pants, and a loose tanktop. She walked back over to the bed tossing the outfit down. "JACKSON!" she shouted, to no avail, she let out another sigh before flipping on the TV, and drinking a blood bag while watching trashy reality shows.


The man in the bed finally stirs. Pulling himself upright and looking at the woman across the room. Tossing off the bedding and walking over to her. "Good Evening." he said standing over her. "Did someone order a pizza?" he joked. "Good God, Jackson. Put some pants on." she turned seeing him still naked.

"That's not what you said last night." he teased. "True." she replied, "but that was when we had something to gain from it. Besides WE need to go open the club in a few minutes so get ready."


Helena received a text message, it was vague and have no information but read 'We need to have a meeting'. Which knowing the Prince or who ever sent it at his request could mean a number of things. "Okay Ponyboy change of plans, club still opens but be on your best behavior and keep an eye out for 'the others'." she told him

"I am always on my best behavior."

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