New In Town

Jack felt a slight kick to his leg followed by his arm being hugged firmly. He opened his eyes and looked up to see the ceiling and a chandelier with a dim light. He sighed as it was sun down already and then turned his head to see Adele by his side cuddling his arm with a warm smile on her lips even though her eyes were closed. Jack tried to get up but was pulled closer to Adele. He looked at her and saw her pout with her eyes closed.

Adele: Why are you in such a hurry to leave me?

Jack: Cut me some slack Adele. I'm hungry.

Adele: No. Spoil me.

Jack: I spoiled you last night. Cut me some slack.

Adele: So you think I am to demanding?

Jack: No you are just too much woman for me to handle.

Adele opened her eyes and gave Jack a condescending smile.

Adele: Ever the the @$$ kisser Jack.

Jack: I only kiss yours Adele.

Adele: Good. Keep it that way.

Jack gave a gentle kiss on Adele's forehead then her nose then her lips. They stared at each other for a spell before he got up and got dressed. The room they were in was large and extravagant like a fancy hotel. Jack stretched as Adele was checking him out from the bed that looked like a large red valentine design with red silk sheets. Like Jack she was in the buff as she stared at her childe get dressed. Then she had an annoying expression on her face as she spoke up.

Adele: That lost puppy is back.

Jack: Already?

Adele: Why do you keep that..........creature?

Jack: Come on Adele. Don't be cruel. I told you why.

Adele: Yeah yeah. Well she didn't have to follow you here.

Jack: Well I know she can be difficult but she reminds me of me. I feel like if I can help her I can help myself at the same time.

Adele: Oh Jack......ever the tortured artist.

Jack simply shrugged as he finished getting dressed and then went to the closet to find an outfit for Adele. Then he carried it to her and dressed her up and did her hair. She wore a beautiful black dress with a design of red thorny vines and roses on it. She wore a silky red rose hair clip in her hair and ruby red lipstick. She looked like an enchanting model as he stood back to admire her.

Adele: Well?

Jack: If I had a heart, it would have stopped beating by your beauty alone.

Adele smirked as she shook her head playfully.

Adele: Okay Casanova go tend to you pet, but keep in mind we will be arriving at Louisiana in a few hours. We have a lot to do in one night.

Jack: Sure thing.

Then Jack opened the door to see the night sky as he looked up to see the moon. Then he looked down to see he was in a modified cargo container turned into a fancy bedroom. They were on a barge full of many trailer containers and headed to Louisiana where Adele was going to be a new Primogen there. Jack walked down the stairs and made his way to a shadow by the railing. The shadow was overlooking the ocean from the railing and as Jack got closer to the shadow he could see a female form.

Once he was next to her he could see her face. She was beautiful yet her eyes carried a great sadness.

Jack: Hey Inque what are you up to?

Inque: "I'm naming all the stars."

Jack: "You can't see the stars, love. That's the ocean. Also, it's cloudy."

Inque: "I can see them. But I've named them all the same thing, and there's terrible confusion..."

Jack: How so?

Inque: I was dreaming.

Jack: Of what?

Inque: We were in Paris. You had a branding iron.

Jack: I brought you something.

Jack offered her a blood bag as he began to sip from his. Inque took the blood bag with a sad expression.

Inque: And there were worms in my baguette.

Jack: Why are you eating bread?

Inque: I think sometimes that all my hair will fall out and I'll be bald.

Jack: That would be a bad look for you.

Inque: Do you like daisies? Hm. I plant them but they always die. Everything I put in the ground withers and dies. Jack? I'm cold."

Jack: I got you.

Jack put his arm around Inque to comfort her.

Inque: I'm a princess.

Jack: That's what you are.

Inque: Aaaand........ Do you love my insides, the parts you can't see?

Jack: Such as?

Inque: Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet."

Jack: Rather extreme.

Inque: I see you. You're a man surrounded by fools who cannot see his strength. His vision. His glory. (Jack gazes at her.) That and burning baby fish swimming all round your head.

Jack: Come on Inque. You know I don't want to deal with all that crap.

Inque: I'll give you a seed if you sing.

Jack: The bird's dead, Inque. You left it in a cage, and you didn't feed it, and now it's all dead, just like the last one.

Inque shivered as if she was really cold.

Inque: Ooh. I'm ringing. - Do you hear it? I'm ringing - all - over!

Jack: Sorry but I can't.

Inque: At the museum. A tomb... with a surprise inside.

Jack: You can see all that in your head?

Inque: No, you ninny. I read it in the morning paper.

Jack: And? What is so important about the tomb? Did someone desecrate it?

Inque: Aye. The ones with the funny name and eyes of green.

Jack: Giovanni huh? Well they are necromancers so its expected.

Inque: Poor boys. Tin soldiers put funny little knick-knacks in your brain. Can't hunt. Can't hurt. Can't kill. All will be doomed when the dark one come for them.

Jack: I heard a rumor that Augustus Giovanni died and all hell broke loose.

Inque: They taste like ashes now.

Jack: Inque you should not eat them.

Inque: That's why our kind make such good dollies. Hard to kill.

Jack: Just don't push your luck.

Inque: I'm not supposed to talk to people! Well I'm not a person, see..

Jack: I know.

Inque: Be in my eyes. Be in me.

Jack: Adele will hurt you if I do.

Inque: This one's got cow eyes, big and black. Mooooo.

Jack smirked and shook he head.

Inque: The Queen of Cups expects a picnic. But this is not her birthday.

Jack: Be nice Inque.

Inque: I met an old man. Didn't like him. He got stuck in my teeth. But then the Moon started whispering to me... All sorts of dreadful things.

Jack: Such as?

Inque: Everything in my head is singing...

Jack: What did you hear?

Inque: Miss Adele speaks out of turn. She's a bad example, and will have no cakes tonight.

Jack: Is that so?

Then Adele appeared from the top of the stairs.

Adele: Jack! We have one hour.

Jack and Inque looked at the ravishing Adele. She was a stunning beauty with a hint of danger.

Inque: Miss Adele needs her tea...

Jack: Inque why did you follow me here when you know it is dangerous?

Inque: My mummy used to sing me to sleep at night. Run and catch The lamb is caught in the blackberry patch... She had the sweetest voice. What will your mummy sing when they find your body?

Jack: Dunno all my family died.

Inque: Don't worry, dear heart. I'll see that you get strong me.

Jack: You're to kind Inque.

Inque: I'll sleep naked. Like the animals.

Jack: You're such a tease.

The two continued to talk till the barge arrived in the Port of Louisiana. Then as Adele came to fetch Jack Inque vanished like the wind. Adele tolerated the Malkavian, but only because it placated her Jack. It wasn't long before they left the ship in a limo that was waiting for them. Inque was no where to be found at this point but Jack knew she was close by. As the rest of Adele's employees unloaded the crates to be delivered to her estate and businesses, she and Jack headed for her mansion. It was a long quiet drive to her mansion in New Orleans and Jack was deep in thought. Then the car came to a complete stop. When Adele asked what was going on Jack replied to her.

Jack: Stay here looks like its a trap.

Adele seemed annoyed as Jack left the car and approached the tree blocking the two lane road. As he looked at the tree it was rather obvious it was chopped down and dragged a bit to cover the road from both sides. Jack shook his head as he saw how sad his enemy was this time. It didn't take long before some rather unsavory low life redneck type criminals came out with shotguns and big knives speaking Cajun. They pretended to offer help in return for all the valuables and the woman in the car. Jack frowned as he knew these men were fools and were past the listening stage.

Then the leader of the group aimed his double barreled shotgun at Jack's chest from five feet away. Sadly he was to arrogant to see Jack's quick movement as Jack kicked a rock to impact the side of the shotgun and forced the thug to shoot sideways. The leader's shotgun was moved to fast to the side as he pulled the trigger and shot one of his own men by accident. This caused a lot of confusion for the leader and his men as Jack capitalized and began kicking thugs into each other rather quickly like in a martial art movie. As things escalated, Jack was breaking arms and legs of the criminals to keep them from getting back up for revenge. Using his vampire Disciplines along with his training in martial arts, the criminals didn't last long at all as Jack left them crying in pain from their injuries. Then Jack collected their weapons and moved them to the side of the road as as they cried in pain.

Then Jack put the guns and knives in the trunk of the car before told Adele he was going to clean up. Then he broke the tree in half with a powerful Karate chop and moved the two logs to the side of the road. Then Jack frisked the thugs for anything useful as they begged for mercy. He considered drinking some blood but by the smell of their blood he sensed they were on drugs and tainted. Then one by one Jack hurled the thugs into the nearby swamp on the side of the road. As he headed back to the car he could hear their screams as they were being eaten by the gators. He ignored them as he got back into the car. Adele gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Adele: I love to see you in action. It warms my blood.

Jack: Hopefully they don't have any friends.

Adele: Even if they do you will deal with anyway.

Jack: Its what I live for.

Then they driver moved on and drove them to Adele's new mansion which was a bit out of town. Once they arrived they saw a well paved road leading to a very fancy gated Mansion. The driver entered a code at the entrance and the gate opened so the limo could enter. The limo passed many fancy statues and well groomed bushes before passing a fancy water fountain and arriving at the main door. Then Jack got out and escorted Adele out of the limo instead of the driver which made him uneasy. Jack gave the driver a slight shake telling him not to approach Adele.

Adele: Always the gentleman Jack.

Jack: Keeping you happy is a full time job.

Adele: Are you implying I am a difficult woman Jack?

Jack: I have yet to meet any woman who isn't difficult.

Adele raised an eyebrow as she glared at Jack. He was one of the few men who was honest with her despite being her minion. Jack smiled at her as he was fearless, but loyal to her.

Adele: If any other man said that to me........

Jack: He would be picking up his teeth with broken fingers.

Adele smirked at Jack as he understood her.

Adele: Exactly.

Jack: Shall we see our new humble abode?

Adele: Lead the way so I can admire the view.

Jack smirked at her as he shook his head. They took a small tour of the mansion and saw how the place was laid out and which room was which. The staff met with Adele and she gave them her instructions on her schedule and use Jack to relay messages to her in her absence. Then Adele took Jack by the arm as she had plans to visit the town and greet the others starting with the Gomorrah Club. After a bit of a drive they made their way to town and were dropped off in front of Club Gomorrah. After checking out the outside d├ęcor, they headed inside to greet the owner.


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