New Start

He could feel the sun going down as his eyes opened he felt strange waking in the new city. Alexsander had arrived the night before and had a small tour of New Orleans. He sat up looking around at his new penthouse room. It was two months in the making setting up and getting there. Alex remembers when Lucinde the current Justicar came to him telling him what the Inner Circle plans for with New Orleans and his part. Alex had been working for years in the office of the Justicar. Watching many cities and informing the Justicar of the invents in the city. Lucinde Justicar was about to send in some Archons and Alex in to deal with the prior Prince Rouge as they labeled him. But the Clans in the city dealt with him first. This satisfied the Justicar and the Inner Circle and other elders.

The vampires in this city were for the most part young and with the cleansing of the old Prince and his followers it left most about 100 years old some older but not many. the Justicar had some concerns putting such a young Prince in charge. But there were Vampires in the Inner Circle and other elders thought Alexzander could handle it. He had so far exceeded their expectations in every area of his life to the and service to the office of Justicar and the Inner Circle. As in all politics, some see him as an asset others as a threat.

The door opened and Lia was standing there with an Ipad in her arms "Mr. Williams, it is time to get ready and do some meegling in the club Sir." she said with a smile. "I am up, and you don't have to call me Mr. Williams when we are alone Lia." he said standing and moving to the closet. "Yes sir, I have the atenrary if you wish to here it sir" she replies. Alex stopped and sighs some "Lia, call me Alexsander." he requested as he reaches into the closet and pulled a suit out. "Yes sir, I will be waiting for you in the next room." she replied again then turned and walked out. he was dressed and standing in front of the mirror making sure everything was right. He walked into the next room the two other his driver and another guard both Ghouls. His security detail had 3 men and Lia and they do other jobs as well but they were trusted fully.

He walked up to Lia who had a chalice in her hand with blood in it. she handed it to him. he sips some smelling it. "This is good." as he Thank you as he drank more. "is everything ready down in the club?" he asked Lia looked at the Ipad as you instructed everything is in place, sir" Lia replied. Alex finished his drink. "Well let get this over Lia." the other two men got up from their chars and walked to the door opening it. the third man stood to his feet as Alex entered the hall the elevator opened and they all entered.


The doors opened the music was a little loud for Alex but that was to be expected. They walked past the bar a young woman walked up to them. She was dressed in a cocktail dress and very attractive. "Mr. Williams we have your table ready please follow me" she said politely. they made their way to a large table in the back of the room this table was a little higher step than the others in the room giving a commanding view of the room. Alex sat and Lia sat near him the other men took positions near him. He had heard from Lia that several of the Primogen would show up and introduce them selfs. Now it starts the politics of his world as a Vampier Prince in the city of New Orleans.

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