Evening Out

Quinn opened her eyes and stretched. Looking at the woman next to her, Charlotte had been warming Quinn's bed for a few months now but Quinn was getting a little tired of the other Brujah. She watched for a moment as Charlotte opened her eyes and looked at Quinn.

"It's time, isn't it?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah." Quinn said. "It's been fun but it's getting old."

"Me too. " Charlotte proceeded to get out of bed and whistled loudly.

A young woman came and said. "Yes, ma'am. " She was a ghoul, Charlotte's ghoul.

A still naked Charlotte said, "Get me my clothes" Was the first order. Charlotte sat in a chair as the young woman ran about getting Charlotte's clothes and giving her to her. Helping her get dressed and then kneeling to help Charlotte put on her boots. The next thing Charlotte said was "Neck." and the young woman pushed her hair to the side and exposed her neck.

Quinn shook her head. "You know you order your ghouls around like a Gangel."

"Hey, don't insult me. I'm nice... just ask her."

Quinn having enough of this got up and dressed as was about to call for her own breakfast when her breakfast ran in the door. "Miss Quinn."

"What is it, Georgie?" Quinn asked. Georgie was her ghoul the one wasn't just a bodyguard. Georgie was about 24 and had been homeless and wandering the streets of Atlanta when she found her. She took her and ghouled her before bringing her down here.

"Curtis and Brute are at it again."

"What is it now?"

"I didn't stick around to find out."

All this and she hadn't even had her morning blood. She left the room quickly, walking past the living room and the seven Brujah who had crashed there last night and then the five in the kitchen helping themselves to some blood bags. She stepped outside of the cabin onto the porch that was just big enough for a few chairs and a small table to see the two Brujah circling each other and about ten younger Brujah shouting "fight, fight."

Curtis and Brute were older Brujah, they had both been already strong burly men when they were mortal. As Brujah's they were excellent fighters but as the curse of the Brujah had terrible tempers and fought all the time over the dumbest things.

Quinn stood there for a moment and yelled. "STOP! RIGHT NOW!" In a voice loud enough to wake up all the vamps that had been asleep in her house. The two men stopped and looked at her. "What is this about?"

Curtis said. "We were hunting and he tried to take my prize."

Brute said. "I saw her first?"

"What prize?" As soon as Quinn said that one of the vampires that had been cheering ran over to the shed and opened it pulling out a young woman. Who was bound with her arms behind her back, gagged and blindfolded.

"See," Curtis said. "She's what I go after, women."

"She has blonde hair." Brute said. "That's what I like."

"Don't BS me. I've seen both of you drink all sorts of blood. Including animals. " She shook her head. "Where did you get her?"

"The Quarter." They both said at the same time.

"You what? " The intelligent Brujah were so much easier to work with that this type. "You are both idiots. You know that. Ok, from now on I want you two to feed only on humans and only humans in tourist areas."

Curtis and Brute looked at each other and then at Quinn, then back at each other.

"I don't want her any longer you take her," Curtis said.'

"I don't want her." Brute said.

Quinn rolled her eyes. You want a Brujah to definitely do something tell them to do the opposite, works every time. She snapped her fingers and Henry showed up. Henry was another ghoul. He had several uses, including the one, she was about to use him for. "Get her, " meaning the prey "and "Bring her here."

Henry got the woman, Quinn whispered to the woman that she was fine, nothing had happened. The woman must have drunk too much and gotten lost. Passed out in an ally way. Now this nice man is going to drive you back to your hotel. Henry left with the woman that now believed what Quinn had told her.

Quinn went back inside to have breakfast. About an hour or so later, Henry came back and said. "Word is going around that the new Prince is in town. I was told he's at the Lion's Den."

"Figures a Prince would hang out there. Alright, I suppose these ripped jeans and t-shirt won't work. Georgie, come upstairs with me and help me get ready."

A while later Quinn appeared in a black dress that clung to her curves and black boots. She planned on only staying at The Lion's Den for long enough to see get a view of the new Prince and any business dealing she might have there and then get out of there and head for Gomorrah.

She arrived at the Lion's Den letting Henry hang in the car. Going into the door, the woman looked around and spotted Lia with the man that must be the new Prince. She turned back around and made her way to a booth that held a Toreador by the name of Lilly.


Lilly rose to the sound of her ghouls laying out her clothing and looked over to the empty spot on her bed. "Did Michael leave?" She asked the female ghoul, Hope.

"Yes, Ma'am. About an hour ago."

"Oh. Ok." Michael was a gorgeous Toreador. There were many attractive Toredors but he set the bar even higher than most of those. No big deal though she was certain she'd see him again. And maybe tonight she'd go for more of a female variety.

"Ma'am" Said Hope. "Do you want breakfast?'

"That would be lovely and I need it warm. Your wrist will do." Hope sat on the bed next to her and offered her a wrist. Lilly sucked just enough and then took a cup that been brought by her bedside table and bit into her own wrist dripping some of her blood into the cup and offering it to Lilly, who eagerly drank it.

"Thank you, Ma'am" Hope said. Hope was a beautiful woman, she had just gotten a modeling contract when Lilly had met her. Hope was actually talented in other areas such as photography and Lilly thought that one day she might actually sire her.

A knock came to her bedroom door and Lilly said "Enter" in walked Harold. Lilly's other Ghoul. Harold had been Ghouled for no other reason than he was extremely attractive. He did make a great bodyguard and messenger. "Ma'am. I got word that the Prince is here. At the Lion's Den,"

"Oh, good. Harold make sure the car is spotless. " Harold nodded and left. "Lilly I must pick out the perfect outfit, come along."

Lilly arrived at the Lion's Den a little while later. She was a vision in a silver and black dress with a set of diamond and platinum jewelry that might have cost more than some people's cars. She was there with Harold and Lilly around her and she made sure they were also dressed nicely. When she came in she spotted Lia and The Prince sitting slightly above everyone else. She gave an appropriate nod as was protocol for being so far away. The nod would be noticeable to vampires and all of them would do the same but to any humans that might be around wouldn't be very noticeable.

She spotted Quinn who also did the nod to the general area of the Prince and then sat down with her. Lilly needed more blood for her Masquede Ball and Quinn was more than willing to provide for a price.

Angelica came quickly at the bidding of her sire Mario. "Yes, Sire?" She asked.

"I need you to go to the Lion's Club. Check out the new Prince and report back to me." Mario ordered. "Guiseppe, you go with her."

They had all been up for about an hour in the Giovanni household and one, Giorgo, had already left for work running The Oro Veneziano (Venetian Gold), a riverboat casino Mario owned.

Both of Mario's childe said, "Yes, Sire."

Angelica looked perfect for the club already in a black dress, red heels and her hair already done but she told Guiseppe to give her a few minutes and she changed into a red dress with matching heels. With her dark hair, it looked amazing on her and the two took off for the club.

A little while later Angelica sat at the bar; she now knew who the Prince was and she had seen Quinn and Lilly talking. She turned to Guiseppe who was standing behind her and said. "You should sit down. You're making people nervous. And your hoving is annoying."

"No. I'm to protect you." Guiseppe said.

"Nothing is going to happen to me here. You can protect me just as well sitting down."

"No." Guiseppe said.

Angelica sighed. "Could you at least stand next to me rather than behind me?"

Guiseppe moved to right beside her and Anglelica turned back towards the bar.

The Nosferatu all arrived at Leon and Colette's basement and mingled for a bit while sucking on some rats before the meeting started. Leon sat in a chair ahead in the room with Colette by his side. The meeting was called to order and the room grew silent.

"Alright, I'll try to make this quick," Leon said. "Are we all in favor of me being Primogen? All the Yeas?" The whole room agreed. "Any nays?" Not a peep.

Leon continued. "Then the first order of business. I'm making Colette my second in command. Anyone want to speak out about that."

One Nosfatru came forward and explained how Colette had taken charge in Leon's absence after the last Primogen had met his fate. All the others in the room agreed and so Colette was made second in command.

Colette leaned over to Leon and said. "I already have the network and the charity work, how will I find the time to be your second in command."

Leon looked directly at her and said "Learn to delegate."

"I do," Colette said.

"Well, then do it more."

Colette just nodded. The rest of the meeting went something like this. The numbers of Nosferatu in the area had gone down but that was what happens after the taking down of a Prince; they were guaranteed to rise again. The information network and charity work were doing well.

"Now, what do we know about the new Prince?" Leon asked.

Another Nosferatu handed Leon a file and then started speaking. "The new Prince is Alexander Williams, Ventrue. He used to work in the office of the Justicar. He is fairly young for a Prince, as you can see. He is in town."

Colette then said. "He must have skills to be made Prince so young."

Leon added. "Or the Elders want someone they can more easily control than the last Prince." He paused then asked. "Was he a Justicar?"

The Nosferatu that was given the report said. "I don't believe so but there were some rumors to that effect but there is no evidence for sure that was his job." He thought for a moment. "He has an assistant that is always with him I'm not sure what title he's officially giving her but her name is Lia Avraham. She's a Banu Haqim."

Leon said. "So no messing with her."

Leon thanked the woman who had given the report, he then turned to another Nosferatu who had the job of messenger and said. "Go get a message to the Prince. Let him know that the Nosferatu have a new Primogen and when you find where he is let me know."

The messenger took off.

Leon continued what information do we have about the new Primogens, another Nosferatu stepped forward, handing Leon another folder, a bit thicker than the first. "The Giovanni have set up shop here. Their Primogen is Mario Giovanni, his second is named Angelica. There are only four of them."

Colette spoke up. "Not surprising." Everyone knew the Giovanni's time was limited and their numbers were dwindling.

The Nosferatu giving the second report continued. "The Toreadors supposedly have a Primogen coming in from someplace else. Her name is Adele Bordeaux. Quinn was made Primogen of the Brujah or the closest to that they have."

"Figures the Brujah would leave the Camarilla and then choose to use the term Primogen." One of the Nosferatu, in the back, commented and everyone laughed a little.

Leon added. "At least Quinn is somewhat sensible, for a Brujah."

The report continued. "The Gangrel have Eddie." Then Leon was filled in on the other clans in the area.

Leon nodded. "I've heard of Eddie. Well, it doesn't look like as much of a mess as I thought I might be walking into." He then asked if there was any other business. When there wasn't. He said. "Ok, Colette and I will be at Gomorrah. I think you all know what you need to do tonight." All the Nosferatu did. They were a very organized group. Some would be working in the information area on the computers, others will be information gathering more hands-on, some will be doing the charity work. They all had jobs though it could the day off for some of them.

The meeting adjourned and Leon and Colette left for Gomorrah.

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