The night begins

The club was nearly open, only the employees had arrived so far. The small stage was being setup and the band was going through a sound check. Helena has set up for a more fitting band to play tonight, despite the club not being one with the loud techno music she had wanted something more chill tonight. With meetings being called she wanted them to be able to focus on the meetings not trying to block out the bass.

Helena waited on Jackson who had decided to change into something more fitting of the night. Now in a fine suit, Brown coat, jeans, and a black and charcoal vest and brown trilby.

"Are you ready now?" Helena asked, as he came from the walk in closet. "Oh aren't you dapper. Hopping to upgrade to a younger model tonight?" she teased.

"Wouldn't think of it." he said offering her his arm to escort her to the elevator.

A short ride later the arrived at the ground floor, the doors opening to the sounds of New Orleans parade jazz version of modern music.

From across the dance floor the doors open and the large as a bull bouncer held it as two very rich and powerful looking people entered. Helena gave a nod to them as they entered and she made her way over and Jackson followed.

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