The Business of Business

Lilly finished her business with Quinn just to have a lower-level vampire she hired to deliver messages and give her information come inside and head towards her and the Brujah. "Yes," She said to the lower-level vampire. "Is this a private business?"

Private business meant clan business and Quinn knew that so before the messenger could respond Quinn slide her way out of the booth and said. "I have some other business to take care of anyway." With that, she went over to talk to Anglica at the bar.

The messenger vampire said "The new Toreador Primogen is in town. Word is she's at Gomorrah."

"Oh, that's perfect. I was done here anyway." She slide out from the booth and made her way to Gomorrah with Harold driving and Hope in the backseat with her. It didn't take too long to arrive at Gomorrah, Lilly with both Harold and Hope walked past the large bouncer and into the club. Looking around she spotted two people that she could only assume must be the new Primogen and another man who might her second or assistant with her. She had been set up as the Liason for them to welcome them to their new city, having been here for ten years she knew everything and everyone they might need to know. Still, she couldn't approach them they needed to call her over when they were ready to do so. So, she had Harold go to the bar and get an appropriate vampire drink for both of them with a note that read:

A welcome for you.
I am at your disposal.
From Liason Lillian Foster

That would let them know who she was, that she was here and they could invite her over when they were ready

Leon and Collette told the others that were with them to work to go wait by the basement door. They both had turned into the looks they usually donned out in public that looked remarkable human and had sprayed some magic spray on themselves so they wouldn't smell. Really, they didn't look that special or unusual. But both had been coming to Gomorrah for years and Collette had kept up Leon's membership even when he had been away. The large bouncer opened the door for them and they went to the bar and waited until Jackson came over so they could let them know that they were there and Leon was back and he had a new title.

At the Lion's Den.

Quinn and Angelica discussed business. The Giovanni were very good for the blood trade as they had a nasty bite when biting humans making it hard to hear. How they managed ghouls was anyone's guess, Quinn just didn't calculate the number of people who probably died to get a few ghouls for them.

So, with that business done Quinn turned to Angelica and said. "So, what do you think of the new Prince?"

"I don't know, yet. I haven't met him."

"Come on. He's young, fairly attractive, I mean if you like that successful businessman type. You must have some thoughts." Quinn said.

"Even if I do I'm not sharing them with someone who is part of a rouge clan," Angelica said. The two did business but to be honest beyond that they were a little hostile towards each other. Mostly because The Giovanni and the Brujah tended to try for the same underground businesses but The Giovanni had no interest in the blood trade.

Quinn rolled her eyes. "And people say the Toredor's are snobs."

Angelica sneared at Quinn, she almost exposed her fangs in her annoyance but Guiseppe stepped in between her and Quinn. Quinn just rolled her eyes and said, "Fine, I think the Prince would make quick work of us or at least his ...whatever she is would if we started a fight in here. I'm not in the mood for it anyway but one day."

Guiseppe stepped aside and Angelica said. "Yes, one day the Giovanni will take everything you own."

Quinn laughed. "You keep telling yourself that. Good doing business with you, let me know when you need more."

With that Quinn headed to Gomorrah.

Angelica, on the other hand, headed home to Mario to tell him what she had found out about the Prince.

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