Clan Toreador

Jack smirked at her as he shook his head. They took a small tour of the mansion and saw how the place was laid out and which room was which. The staff met with Adele and she gave them her instructions on her schedule and use Jack to relay messages to her in her absence. Yvette was in charge of preparing the rooms for Jack and Adele. Then Adele took Jack by the arm as she had plans to visit the town and greet the others starting with the Gomorrah Club. After a bit of a drive they made their way to town and were dropped off in front of Club Gomorrah. After checking out the outside d├ęcor, they headed inside to greet the owner.

A short ride later the arrived at the ground floor, the doors opening to the sounds of New Orleans parade jazz version of modern music.

Adele and Jack looked at each other as they heard the music from outside. They listened for a spell before they smirked at each other.

Adele: Something new to enjoy.

Jack: Its nice. Will you be?

Adele kissed Jack slowly and softly then slowly backed away as she replied.

Adele: That depends on how much you spoil me.

Jack smirked and gave Adele a condescending look before he addressed the bouncer in front of Gomorrah.

From across the dance floor the doors open and the large as a bull bouncer held it as two very rich and powerful looking people entered. Helena gave a nod to them as they entered and she made her way over and Jackson followed.

A cute waitress escorted Adele and Jack to nice booth for them to relax at and enjoy the band. She then took their orders and Jack reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a sealed envelope addressed to Helena Ward. The envelope was red with a rose pattern on it and the seal was a red wax rose. In the envelope was all the information needed to set up their two VIP accounts for Jack and Adele. This processes was also necessary to spread the rumor of Adele being the new Toreador Primogen. This way Helena could properly address Adele in the future as well as her employees. It would not take long before the rumor mill reached the rest of the Toreadors and a representative would be sent to them.

Jack: Please deliver this to your boss.

The waitress nodded and then left to deliver the envelope. Jack then approached the bartender named Jackson and purchased two blood martinis. Then he made his way back to Adele and placed her drink on the table before her.

Adele: Your such a good boy.

Jack: If you keep teasing me I might have to take you over my knee.

Adele: Promises promises.

Jack: So is this zydeco music?

Adele: Not really......its music with a zydeco twist.

Jack: Oh so that's a thing now huh?

Adele: Oh can be so uncultured for our kind. How do you expect to gain influence?

Jack: Dunno...... I guess my winning smile and charming personality.

Adele almost laughed till she regained her composure. She linked arms with Jack and leaned on his shoulder.

Adele: Behave we are in public.

Jack: As you wish.

Back at the Lion's Den
The messenger vampire said "The new Toreador Primogen is in town. Word is she's at Gomorrah."

"Oh, that's perfect. I was done here anyway." She slide out from the booth and made her way to Gomorrah with Harold driving and Hope in the backseat with her. It didn't take too long to arrive at Gomorrah, Lilly with both Harold and Hope walked past the large bouncer and into the club. Looking around she spotted two people that she could only assume must be the new Primogen and another man who might her second or assistant with her. She had been set up as the Liaison for them to welcome them to their new city, having been here for ten years she knew everything and everyone they might need to know. Still, she couldn't approach them they needed to call her over when they were ready to do so. So, she had Harold go to the bar and get an appropriate vampire drinks for both of them with a note that read:

A welcome for you.
I am at your disposal.
From Liaison Lillian Foster

That would let them know who she was, that she was here and they could invite her over when they were ready.

As Adele and Jack were enjoying the show a waitress came by with two vampire drinks for both of them with a note that read:

A welcome for you.
I am at your disposal.
From Liaison Lillian Foster

Jack took the note and read it before handing it to Adele.

Jack: Looks like your liaisons are here by the bar.

Adele: Seems so. Be a dear and hail them over.

Jack: Sure love.

Jack nodded at Lillian and her partner and gestured for them to join them at the booth. Adele then unlinked Jack and sat up as she put on her game face.


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