A young waitress approached Helena, holding up the Red Rose envelope. Jack and Adele could see the woman speaking to the other who was dressed in red and black.

"Okay thank you." she told the waitress, "Jackson."

"Yeeees?" he said leaning in and over the bar.

"Go and get me two Platinum VIP cards with these names on them." she said handing over the envelope to him.

"Right away." Jackson said.

"And do hurry, we shouldn't leave such high-rollers waiting." she said smacking him on the ass as he left. "And bring them over once you have them."


Helena approached the table the two were seated at now seeing a third, "Primogen" she gave a slight bow to Adele, "Sir." doing the same for Jack "Ms. Foster". "Might I take a seat with you? Speak while we wait for my assistant to get your passes."


Soon after sitting Jackson sauntered over leaning into Helena's ear and whispering something, she held out a hand and he placed the two gleaming platinum colored cards in her open palm. Decorated with fine calligraphy in crimson text. "Platinum Membership VIP." The names however were printed on in block letter, as if from a printer of some sort. "As you requested Platinum Membership, I trust that you understand that even with your standing my club, my rules. You can not by amnesty if your misbehavior impacts my club in a negative way, I'm not for sale. If you agree to follow the rules laid out in the upper floors we can make this membership official." Helena said holding out a hand for a shake of agreement.

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